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14 January 2018

The country has added jobs for 86 consecutive months -- the longest streak on record -- according to the Labor Department. Its numbers date back to 1939.

6 January 2018

Here are some comments on Friday’s December U.S. jobs report, showing 148,000 positions created in the month and the unemployment rate holding at 4.1%.

Read more about the jobs report from MarketWatch. Economists had predicted an increase of 198,000 nonfarm jobs.

3 January 2018

Top 9 Hiring Trends to Watch
2018 will see some game changers in the recruitment space, along with an acceleration and shift of known trends. Globally, sourcing high-quality candidates for key roles will continue to be a key competitive advantage.

New technologies are both contributing to, and assisting to resolve hiring challenges. The key is how we maintain the human element in the experiences for everyone involved in the hiring process. Technology is a facilitator – it doesn’t replace us and the connections we make person-to-person.